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How to Achieve the Perfect Paint Job

April 17, 2014



If you have ever painted a room, you might have noticed that despite your best efforts, imperfections like air bubbles and dust can appear in the finish. Now imagine what it takes to create a flawless paint finish in a manufacturing environment like the Sterling Heights (Mich.) Assembly Plant (SHAP), and home of  the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200.

Every day, before entering the state-of-the-art paint shop, employees must put on protective clothing to guard against the possibility of leaving errant scratches on the 200’s finish. Once dressed in the protective gear, employees enter a telephone booth-sized enclosure where multiple air jets help eliminate hair and other debris that might ruin a  freshly painted vehicle.

In addition to the numerous precautions, an equally rigorous process is adhered to during the actual nine-phase painting process. For example, in the tri-coat paint-shop robots rotate the vehicle 180 degrees, suspending it upside down and sideways in order to reach every crevice over and under the vehicle.  Watch the following video to see the complete build process – from start to finish –  in just under 2 minutes.

Nine “easy” steps to achieve the perfect paint  job:

  • Phase 1. Pretreatment
  • Phase 2. Electro-coat system
  • Phase 3. Sealer application
  • Phase 4. Primer application
  • Phase 5. Sanding
  • Phase 6. Cleaning
  • Phase 7. Base coat application
  • Phase 8. Glossy clear coat application
  • Phase 9. Final finesse


The final finesse phase ensures every curve is coated to perfection. UWE Braun lights along the final paint review line automatically adjust their color and intensity based on the vehicle’s paint color. Having just the right amount of light on the car improves the operator’s ability to determine paint quality.

“Countless hours of research between several teams of employees went into developing the new paint shop,” said Richard Owusu, Director—Paint Operations, FCA US LLC. “We have utilized the most advanced equipment and distinctive processes to provide a beautiful and durable color and shine to the All-New 2015 Chrysler 200 that will exceed our customers’ highest standards.”

Article based on a post by Forward Look, official blog of the Chrysler brand. To read more articles like this, please check out Forward Look.