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A View from the Top

A virtual look at the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

May 21, 2015

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Sky Experience is here! Explore the difference of open top driving any time of day. Beautiful sunrises and stunning night skies await. The “Sky Experience,” gives visitors a 360-degree view of the Spider’s interior and exterior with the ability to zoom into and rotate the vehicle.

In addition to providing product information, users can interact with the 4C Spider by choosing a time of the day – Dawn, Noon, Sunset and Night – associated to a different sky and a different ambiance.

Steal the Colors (12:00 p.m. / 12:00)
At “Noon”, select the exterior vehicle color (there are seven available); the alloy wheel rims (six versions to choose from) and brake calipers, then view the supercar with the roof opened or closed. Seven exterior colors are available for the 4C Spider, including: Rosso Alfa, Black, White, Basalt Grey Metallic, Rosso Competizione Tri-coat, Madreperla White Tri-coat and all-new Giallo (yellow).

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    Use the colorizer function to change the vehicle’s color, wheels and brake calipers, as well as views with or without the roof on.

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    See a 360-degree view of the Spider’s interior and to zoom into and rotate the image.

  • Alfa Romeo USA brings passion and performance to North America. The real essence of Alfa Romeo. To move a man's spirit we deal in the realm of sensation.

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    Visitors can take screen shots from different angles of the exterior or interior to use as screen savers, wallpaper for their computer and to share with friends on social media.

Let the Sky Surround You (6:00 p.m. / 18:00)
“Sunset” is the time to explore the design from various angles by turning the car freely. See a 360-degree view of the Spider’s interior and exterior and to zoom into and rotate the image. On each side of the 4C Spider, the sculpted air intakes spring a muscular and dynamic form that lead elegantly into the headlamps. Highlighting its exotic exterior is a carbon fiber windshield frame, which promotes strength and lightness, while providing the attachment points for the removable, stowable cloth roof, or available exposed carbon fiber hardtop.

Leading from the 4C Spider’s windshield and down the hood are two muscular hood forms, which naturally conclude at the signature Alfa Romeo shield-shaped grille and emblem. Together with the two side air intakes designed in the front fascia, the 4C Spider forms the famous “Trilobo,” a significant facet of Alfa Romeo’s distinctive design.

Find the Silence to Enjoy the Noise (12:00 a.m. / 00:00)   
At “Night” put the interactive pedal to the metal and enjoy the roar of the 4C’s engine, dual exhaust and racing dual exhaust. The engine is the “beating heart” of any Alfa Romeo, and for the all-new 2015 4C Spider, it beats to an innovative, all-aluminum 1750 cc turbocharged and intercooled engine with dual (intake and exhaust) continuous variable-valve timing (VVT) that delivers 237 horsepower – or an impressive 136 horsepower-per-liter. Thanks to its mid-engine layout, advanced technology and compact size, the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider demonstrates its precision, agility and performance credentials with 0 – 60 mph in an estimated 4.1-seconds.

Feel Free to be Open (6:00 a.m. / 6:00)
At “Dawn” 360 degree navigation can be used to explore elements like the dashboard, carbon fiber vents or the carbon body details. Clicking on the items will open in-depth descriptions.

Complementing the 4C Spider’s exterior are six interior combinations, which include two seat material choices: Black leather with Red accent stitching, Red leather with Red accent stitching, new Black leather with Giallo accent stitching, and exclusive to the Track Package – Black racing leather seats with microfiber inserts and Red or Yellow accent stitching.

Pose for the Camera
Screen shots of a favorite view can be taken, downloaded to one’s computer or tablet as a screen saver or wallpaper. In addition, the tool is integrated with social networks to share the experience and contents with friends.

Immerse yourself and discover the new supercar here.